A new generation of information system to
create the cornerstone of modern AI pathology

D-PathPIS workstations

D-PathPIS takes pathological information management and transmission as its main function.
Nearly 30 modules, integrating a series of content including information co-ordination, slice allegations, specimen tracking, translation and annotation reports, statistical archiving, and resource concepts covers the whole process of pathological work and brings a more satisfactory basic service system for pathologists.

System workflow
D-PathAI & D-PathPIS

The combination of our two products,make D-PathPIS a brand new smart normalized system


AI-assisted diagnostic tools in PIS can offer effective analysis results to pathologists.

System advantages

  • Comprehensive digital work

    30+ modules, not only covering all aspects of diagnostic work, but also convenient for doctors to issue medical orders in a clean and tidy interface, creating a better paperless office atmosphere。

  • Intelligent system with AI algorithm

    The PIS system can be linked with D-PathAI to connect artificial intelligence-assisted diagnostic tools seamlessly, allowing doctors to directly apply AI to analyze images, and at the same time, it can be equipped with a one-click remote consultation function, making diagnosis work in one go Sample tracking & QC

  • Sample tracking & quality control

    Each slice will be assigned a unique code, allowing the user to query the code in any module in the system and track the status of the sample at any time. At the same time, in order to strengthen the quality control management, the quality control link is added to each module of the production. After the production is completed, a comprehensive evaluation will also be performed.

【Comprehensive digital work】
【Intelligent system with AI algorithm】
【Sample tracking & quality control】