About Us

DEEP INFORMATICS++ is committed to deepening the business direction of AI + pathology. We develop multi-module AI-assisted diagnostic tools through completely independently developed AI algorithms. Based on this, we launched a number of businesses including cloud storage, pathological information management, remote consultation, etc., covering all aspects of the work of the pathology department, and are committed to providing the industry with a complete digital AI pathology construction plan.

The company was founded by two professors and doctoral tutors in the field of computer science, deep learning and digital pathology for more than 15 years. Over 1/3 of the R & D team has overseas doctorates and has strong technical strength. Our headquarter is located in Hangzhou, with branches in many places, and the business scope is global.

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Using AI as a sharp tool to prick the pain point of pathology

D-PathAI, the core product researched by DEEP INFORMATICS++,
can analyze 100 million units of pixels in 5S, with an accuracy rate of 99%.

Our Products

15 years of deep cultivation, creating excellent products

The team has been in the field of artificial intelligence and digital pathology for 15 years, published 200+ SCI papers, developed a number of deep learning algorithms in pathological images, and is committed to creating an AI system that belongs to pathological diagnosis.

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